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Golf Club Starnberg



The golf course lies in between the hills that emerged out of the end moraines of the glacial period. It is located between 5 lakes. Inspired by the soft hills and the forest which dates back over hundreds of years the architect Kurt Rossknecht built the course in 1986. He is famous for his challenging and untouched courses, which fit into the environment perfectly.

The course features big greens in top condition, elevated tees, fairways integrated into the environment, impressive old trees and well placed bunkers and water hazards. If you like to play in the quieter mornings and nights you will be lucky to see deer, rabbits, eagles and hawks.

Difference in elevation between many holes demand a tactical game and the right choice of clubs as do the old trees along the course, which are not only characteristic for the region but also strategical elements. Due to the many doglegs one can be rewarded with aggressive play or also can be punished. The bare hard roughs are filled with lovely wild flowers and it is still possible to play from the lean patches.

“Embedded in between the Five Lakes region, about three kilometers from Starnberg, you will find a golf jewel.” (Green Golf Magazine, Golf Association 2/2012)

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